Rockstar Property founder Kane Andrews and builder Yordan Minev have recently completed 20 property refurbishments together. The property industry is all about trust, so to have the foundations laid down for a trusted relationship with a reliable builder was an important step for Kane to take. When Kane acquired his first property at the age of 22, it was an ambition to develop 20 properties in the future, so to achieve this just with the same builder is a great milestone to hit.

Yordan (left) and Kane

Yordan was working for Snow White Professionals in Kingston back in 2016 when he met Kane. It was a family run business but Yordan was the only non-family member involved. Kane was a little skeptical at first when first met these guys as he was only used to working with recommended builders, yet found these guys off of his own back. Snow White were originally employed to clean the finished HMOs to ensure that they were in pristine condition before tenants moved in. They then expanded their services into gardening and maintenance. Again, when called upon the services were immense which kept Kane very impressed with the team.

Yordan broke away from SWP to start up his own building business. Kane was so impressed with Yordan’s previous services that he decided to hire him as the builders for an HMO in New Malden. This development went incredibly well with Yordan fulfilling all the promises he made to Kane. This then led to Kane booking him in for another job. Since that first HMO development in New Malden, Kane has hired Yordan to work on HMOs in Kingston, Surbiton, Croydon, Epsom, West Euell, Aldershot, Farnborough and now Derby. 

Yordan and Kane have a great working relationship with each other and there will be many more property developments together in the future.

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